Top 3 Reasons to Get a New Roof in 2024

Rolling Hills's skyline is enhanced by a recently installed, high-quality roof that demonstrates the expertise of local roofers.

Hello, Rolling Hills! When was the last time you glanced up at your roof? It’s not just another layer on your home; it’s a crucial player in your home’s comfort, safety, and style. And when it comes to roofing, Chandler’s Roofing is your go-to roofer in Rolling Hills. We’re here to tell you why this … Read more

Essential Guide to Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims Post-Storm

Essential Guide to Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims Post-Storm

In the wake of a storm, commercial property owners in Harbor City face unique challenges, especially when dealing with roofing damage and insurance claims. Chandler’s Roofing, a leader in roofing in Harbor City, will help you file an insurance claim for storm damage and get your business property back up and running as soon as … Read more

Top 5 Warning Signs Your Commercial Roof is Failing

Professional roofers in Palos Verdes check a business roof for damage and wear, making sure quality and safety.

In the bustling business landscape of Palos Verdes, your commercial roof is more than just a structure; it’s a vital asset to your business. But like all assets, it needs care and attention. As a leading provider of roofing in Palos Verdes, we’re here to guide you through the top warning signs that your commercial … Read more