Tips from Stanton Roofing Pros for Storm-Related Insurance Claims

Your home is a haven of safety and security, and the roof over it keeps the elements out. Damaged homes in are usually in need of Stanton roofing repair or replacement after a storm. Your roof may experience severe winds, heavy rain, blowing debris, and even sleetĀ and hail throughout the year.

You and your family need to know what to do if a storm damages your roof so that it can be restored as quickly as feasible. Although you may have been fortunate enough to avoid roof damage so far, it is always good to be prepared.

Prior to Submitting a Claim

Before you file an insurance claim, have a reputable roofing company, such as Chandlers Roofing, evaluate your roof at no cost to you. The destruction caused by the hurricane can only be fully appreciated after a thorough examination.

It’s not uncommon for damage to seem worse than it actually is, with repair costs falling far below your annual deductible. To avoid a premium increase or policy cancellation, it may be preferable to pay the little out-of-pocket cost if this is the case. Assessing the level of damage requires a thorough inspection of the roof.

When a Claim is Required

When a claim is filed with an insurer, the insurance company will send out an adjuster to evaluate the situation. It is crucial that you engage a roofing contractor in Franklin before beginning the repair process. You need them present since the roofer will be speaking on your behalf.

Stanton has plenty of qualified roofers who can inform the adjuster of the extent of the damage and the likely cost of repairs. The roofer discusses this information with the adjuster to help optimize the value of your claim, prevent any unfavorable or frustrating encounters, and shorten the time it takes to have the job done.

After the Claim Is Accepted

After getting approval from your insurer, you’ll schedule another meeting with your roofing contractor to go over the details of the job and choose a completion date. You may also use this time to clarify anything unclear by asking questions. Our skilled roofers will make this a simple step.

Looking for Trustworthy Stanton Roofing Services?

Specialists that have been verified as qualified by Chandlers Roofing are here to help. Due to our company’s extensive experience in the roofing industry, we are able to help clients with the insurance claims procedure. We’ll even give you a free examination and estimate of your roof to get things rolling. Together, we can get your roof fixed as soon as possible!